Aims and objectives of world health day 7th april

This slogan helps reflect the WHO message that when people improve their health they enjoy fuller lives without the burden of health complications such as pain or disability, remain productive for longer and continue to contribute more to society.

Specific objectives of the World Health Day campaign were to: A particular theme is chosen to run the celebration and take care of the health for whole year.

It is celebrated to remember the establishment of the World health Organization as well as draw the attention of people towards the major health issues in the world. Use safe water and raw materials.

Working together for health Ensure uninterrupted access to essential medicines of assured quality. The focus of the World Health Day in was increasing life expectancy. In consultation with leading health experts, WHO provides authoritative health information.

It was decided that the first World Health Day would be celebrated in every year in order to raise awareness among people pertaining to health issues and concerns. Ever since, WHO has come with various themes for the day which have also become its purpose for the rest of the year.

On World Health DayWHO called for intensified global commitment to safeguard antimicrobial medicines for future generations. World Health Day will be celebrated worldwide on 7th of April, at Saturday. The organization introduced a six-point policy package to combat the spread of antimicrobial resistance: It provides better prevention and cure from the vector-borne diseases spread by vectors and travelers from one country to other.

Protecting health from the adverse effects of climate change How World Health Day is Celebrated World Health Day is celebrated worldwide by the government, non-government, NGOs including various health organizations at many places by organizing programmes relating to the public health issues and awareness.

Keep clean, Key 2: Cook food thoroughly, Key 4: Varieties of events related to the particular theme are organized on the international and national level by the WHO.

Urbanization and health[ edit ] With the campaign " cities, lives", events were organized worldwide during the week starting 7 April Countries and health care systems need to find innovative and sustainable ways to cope with the demographic shift. Strengthens Health Systems - in poorer countries many health systems are inadequate.

Save lives, Make hospitals safe in emergencies WHO strengthens these systems through various means which may include the provision of funding, access to drugs and relevant technology, data collection systems and trained staff. World Health Day targets all the health issues on global basis for which several programs are organized yearly by the WHO and other related health organizations at various places like schools, colleges and other crowd places.


Harnesses information, research and evidence - WHO uses evidence as a sound basis for setting health priorities, strategies and measuring results. WHO supports various health authorities on global basis to make their own efforts for the public health problems to enhance better life without any diseases.

The day marks the founding of World health Organization WHO and aims to draw attention to important health issues facing the world each year.

World Health Day

Often, already fragile health systems are unable to keep functioning through a disaster, with immediate and future public health consequences.

The report contained an assessment of the current crisis in the global health workforce, revealing an estimated shortage of almost 4.World Health Assembly was held first time in the year in Geneva by the WHO where it was decided to celebrate the World Health Day annually on 7 th of April.

It was first celebrated worldwide in the year as the World Health Day. World Health Day has been celebrated every year on April 7 sinceunder the sponsorship of the World Health Organisation By Sofia Petkar 7th Aprilpm. World Health Day is on the 7th of April each year.

This day marks the anniversary of the World Health Organization which was founded in The World Health Organization (WHO) is the leading global health authority within the United Nations System.

The theme of World Health Daymarked on 7 AprilSpecific objectives of the World Health Day campaign were to: World Health Daycelebrated on 7 April, aims to mobilize action on depression. This condition affects people of all ages, from all walks of life, in all countries.

HealthForAll for World Health Day - 7 April In this 70th anniversary year, WHO is calling on world leaders to live up to the pledges they made when they agreed the Sustainable Development Goals inand commit to concrete steps to advance the health of all people. World Health Day is celebrated each year on 7th April globally.

The day marks the founding of World health Organization (WHO) and aims to draw attention to important health issues facing the world each year.

Aims and objectives of world health day 7th april
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