An analysis of the importance of networking computers into the paperless society

When properly cataloged and categorized online, information is available immediately. We are a global, digital society, and business is no longer a local, self-contained issue.

With respect to the big picture, worldwide production of paper and cardboard in stood at about million metric tons, more than half of it used in China, the United States and Japan.

A paperless society? Not so fast.

Sign up for free! The publishing industry, meanwhile, has been hedging its bets by making sure that many of the new books it issues between hard covers are released simultaneously in electronic editions, including, ironically enough, my own recently published book, "On Paper: The technology is so sophisticated that with multi-level security systems, assignments can be made so that individuals are linked to specific projects, cases, documents -- and even to specific pieces fields of information.

Conservatively, tens of thousands of dollars can be saved through reliance on online repositories, calculated through both time and money. As business and industry evolves and becomes increasingly complex, entrepreneurs, attorneys, bankers, accountants -- virtually all professions -- require methods to improve efficiencies.

Now, in the privacy of their own offices -- or even their own homes -- those intimately involved in the situation are more productive at a lesser cost. Not just yet, in any case. We have all heard the phrase "a paperless society. Hundreds of thousands of documents can be accessed -- saving tremendous time and energy in making copies or thousands of dollars in gathering people to a central location.

Professionals are frequently turning to secure Web-based repositories in order to analyze, organize and share documents. These are all elements in business activities and court trials. When Marco Polo returned from the Far East late in the 13th century — about the same time some of the earliest mills in Europe were being established at Fabriano and Amalfi in his native Italy — the Venetian traveler spoke enthusiastically about how the great Kublai Khan had mandated the use of paper currency throughout his realm.

If every document relevant to a transaction, case or investigation is scanned and posted to a secure Web site, individuals in different locations can review the same information simultaneously. In the simplest of terms, paper is a composite of water and pulverized cellulose fragments screened through a sieve and dried.

The 21st century is the digital age, and the era of online collaboration has arrived. By combining the various documents into one electronic repository, information becomes easier to access.

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Dec 08,  · A paperless society? Not so fast. Paper hasn't been displaced by the digital revolution. December 08, But does all this mean a paperless society is imminent?


The Reality of a 'Paperless Society'

paper was the most efficient way to bundle gunpowder and a projectile into one compact cartridge, and its use as a wrapper for the "evil weed" —. Computers were originally developed for individual use only. Packets from the network layer are packed into frames and transferred to the network layer on another machine.

Now that I have told you how computers have changed our lives and how they are used in daily life let me tell you the importance of the people working in computers. Top 20 Advantages and Disadvantages of Paperless Office. By. Chitra Reddy. 0. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. convert them into a proper digital system so that the earth is a better place to live in.

Having a paperless environment will help you get hold of documents from different computers, even if they have been stored on electronic. globalisation, social networking, paper less The Paperless Office and Paperless Society Will Never Happen - The Paperless Office and the Paperless Society Will Never Happen With the widespread introduction of computer terminals into offices, and the growing popularity of the personal computer, futurists and computer proponents .

An analysis of the importance of networking computers into the paperless society
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