An introduction to the analysis of channel marketing dual

Sometimes the wholesaler will go through a retailer before the product gets into the hands of the consumer. Volume 23, Issue 2JunePages Single versus dual-channel: In accordance with the form of the retail property, operators can be an independent company, owned by a different owner or to engage in the retail network.

Deciders are the people who authorize purchase decisions. For example, sales representative sells New Wave cosmetics to housewives by using a method of peddling.

Short term producer factors include whether the manufacturer has adequate resources to perform channel functions, Broad product line, and channel control is important.

Industrial factories are in the seek of using advantages of mass production in order to produce and sell big lots batches while retailers look and prefer purchasing smaller consignments. The last method undergoes through manufacture-owned stores.

Long term market factors include consumers, geographically dispersed, little technical knowledge and regular servicing is not required, and small orders.

Normally goods and services of this channel are not utilized by large market segments. Each intermediary receives the item at one pricing point An introduction to the analysis of channel marketing dual moves it to the next higher pricing point until it reaches the final buyer.

The consumer goes directly to the producer to buy the product without going through any other channel. This method for factories could lead to instant sales, high efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Marketing channel

It refers to population characteristics. However, if those five manufactories supply the same wholesaler, and the wholesaler at this stage supplies different retailers, then the total number of deliveries will decrease to 5 plus A Broker works mainly to bring the seller and the buyer and to assist in the negotiation process.

Term used for a factual statement; Forms of puffery; Examples of U. However, in several companies, purchase decisions for high-cost items are executed by a financial officer, a vice president, or even the Hence, an amount of delivered goods diminishes through the use of this channel the wholesale.

This is because the wholesaler takes away extra costs, such as service costs or sales force costs, that customers usually pay when buying from retail; making the price much cheaper for the consumer.

This channel works best for manufacturers that produce shopping goods like, clothesshoesfurnituretablewareand toys. Ultimately, the significance of intermediaries in distribution business is vital as they help consumers obtain a particular good of a particular brand without unnecessary steps.

The participants of distribution channels must have knowledge and experience not only for the effective maintenance of target segments but also to maintain the competitive advantage of the manufacturer. Dramatization is considered as a kind of executional framework. It refers to a member of a business buying center.

A distributor is the representative of the manufacturer and performs functions on behalf of the manufacturer for the distribution of goods from producer to wholesaler or retailer.

To eliminate channel conflicts of non-cooperative supply chain, a two-way price discount mechanism is used to coordinate both the dual channels. For example, high demand dictates an increase in the price. Agents come into play when the producers need to get their product into the market as quickly as possible.

Although, the chain of transition suggests that the wholesaler directly communicates and deals with a manufacturer may not be unambiguous. The main tasks of a distributor are; study the market and the creation of databases of consumers, advertising of goods, an organization of a service for the delivery of goods, stocking up the inventory levels, the creation of a stable sales network, which includes dealers and other intermediaries, depending on the market situation.

By buying the items in bulk from the wholesaler the prices of the product are reduced. The contribution of a distributor is highly acknowledged and plays a crucial role in distributing flows of goods before it gets in the hands of wholesalers, retailers and so on.

It refers to the cost to a company of producing one item that it markets. Also, this method of selling is normally made without eye contact.

For example, a firm sells collectible through the use of mail-order. However, consumers seek broader assortment in lesser quantities. The work of wholesaler facilitates and makes it less burdensome for the transportation of production.Introduction to Multi-Channel Marketing Thank you for downloading Expresscopy’s Marketing Guide When all channels are working synergistically, your potential customer hears a clear and concise message, which increases the effectiveness of each individual channel.

This will collectively increase. Marketing Channel Strategy and Analysis When you select a can of green beans from the supermarket shelf, you probably give little thought to the journey the can took to reach your grocery basket.

Introduction of dual-channel gives more options of buying to the end customer and from theorem −2, we can conclude that the end customer gets benefited more if dual channels are introduced by channel member as more marketing units compete for customers and revenues.

Here, direct marketing is used for strategic channel control purposes even though it is inefficient on its own and, surprisingly, it can profit the manufacturer even when so direct sales occur.

Specifically, we construct a price-setting game between a manufacturer and its independent retailer. Introduction WHAT IS A MARKETING CHANNEL?


To understand what a marketing channel is, think of the metaphor of a road that a product takes from production to consumption. A product must be produced, packaged, transported, marketed to the public, probably transported again, and finally purchased by a consumer. Part 1. Marketing Channel Systems Chapter 1 Marketing Channel Concepts Objectives You will learn about: • The growing importance of marketing channels • The definition of marketing channels • How marketing channels relate to strategic variables in the marketing mix • The flows in the marketing channels and their relationship to channel management • The principles of specialization 5/5(5).

An introduction to the analysis of channel marketing dual
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