An opinion that marriage for love is better

I love doing "Love Marriages" because I love doing it and I have no particular reason of doing it. Also lead a respectable life. Sep 15, Hello friends. Why do we have so many rates of separations! Arranged marriage gives satisfaction to entire family but it needs a time for the couple to understand each other.

Love marriage vs Arrange marriage - Which one is better?

One has the complete freedom to select his or her life partner. Jul 15, Arrange marriage is far better than love marriage because there is respect between husband and wife and they.

They would knows about like and dislike of each other when they r well known by each other they have no any tension and problems. In m9stly arrange marriage there is not surely understanding in both partners. Which can help them in taking their bond to an upper level. Relationships Marriage as a social institution has remained evergreen for years.

Marriage is based upon love for each other and although the chances of it breaking down are there, yet the young couple hopes that their togetherness lasts forever. Vallu meku chadivinchaka pote meru ye amminaina lov cheyagaligera tru hart tho chepandi e rojullo yevallaina money untene.

So it is really best and safe to marry a person which ones parents choose for their child.

Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

New trends must be allowed to accommodate the old or even reform the old if the earlier patterns are on the way to becoming archaic.

Because in love marriage we know everything about our partners before marriage. Everything but in arrange marriage by arranging in one meeting how could they say that they made for each other. So as a result Parents and their children are getting separated and there arises alot of disputes between them.

But does psychological separation or detachment not count for anything as long as one is bound by law? This reflects that Indians are still conventional in thinking of marriage as a set-up in which a person should fit into the family. Then anyone should do arrange marriage because nothing is bigger than our family which is our base.

Some time our parents are not happy with that decision. So they can live very easily but they might be eliminated by the families in some cases.

In Love Marriage, most of the times Love ends and Marriage life expectation starts whereas in Arranged Marriage, Marriage life expectation ends and the surprise of Love starts.

Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage – Advantages and Disadvantages

In my view, I think each and every person should get the chance to choose our life partner. Partners are matured individuals who are getting into matrimony after feeling that the choice is right. So many love relationship fall out.

But, but, I am of the other opinion here as well. So, In my opinion, love marriage or arrange marriage is nothing but it is a combination of two families. Young couples, whether in love or whether introduced through parents hope to tie the knot once they know they have found the right person.

Sep 2, In my opinion, both the topics stand equally right. Whereas in arranged marriages, Parents will be supportive, together with us in all difficult situations.

There is excitement after marriage as the couple gets to know each other after the ceremony is over. Go for love as, since, you know your partner better, so, he will take care of you for lifetime and go for arranged, as no matter what the situation your family will always be there for you.

After some year they will divorce to each other so. You will get love, support, care and dowry-free life from both marriages - - if your partner is good and if his family has a good modern thinking. In these type of marriage couple have the right to choose their partner and also they have a support of family.

Arranged marriages still popular but is there a change in the offing? Jul 14, Hi everyone, what I feel is love marriage is far better than arranged because, I have seen most of the people in relationships who are actually happy even after years because during the relationship they get to know about each other, their tastes and they have a proper understanding between them.

So both are good in their own place. It is not that love marriage always results into conflict between two person but if a person has good understanding between them, then there will be no problem.

Jul 17, Hi marriage is very well to each other because we know each in love marriage we know the person before marriage so we know that person is good for us or not.

in love marriage is not is an idependent choice.

According to my opinion, love marriage is better than arrange marriage if our parents are happy with this. But if they do not happy, we can not do so.

Because if we want respect from others, we should obey our parents. In arrange marriage we take some time to understand the feelings of each other. If you view marriage as a “contract” then when your relationship hits a prolonged tough spot you will start to consider whether you would be better off terminating this contract and signing a better one.

Arranged marriage is better. In my view arranged marriages are better than love marriage. In love marriages partners are trying to impress each other, they are not ready to share their weaknesses. Problems occur when the partner doesn't like to accept their weaknesses after the marriage.

In a love marriage, the married life becomes a journey that you enjoy. And you will always strive to improve, thanks to the love you share with your spouse.

The Indian Woman’s Dilemma: Love Vs Arranged Marriage

So there you go. All the solid reasons to prove that love marriage actually is better than arranged marriage. If you are looking for ways to convince someone about it then do share this article. well, Every marriage has their own merits and my opinion love marriage is better than arrange marriage because in love marriage person get to know each other very well already but in arranged marriage no one knows about their partners characteristics.

An opinion that marriage for love is better
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