Cardiovascular system case studies

Homer denies chest pain or shortness of breath. Just visit our website and fill in the order form with all paper details: Retrieved 3rd Octfrom https: However, his current medication shows possible cardiovascular illnesses.

According to Medscapeheart failure patients should be administered with 0. Medscape also explains in heart related cases, higher dosage of digoxin have no additional benefits to the patients and could only lead to major challenges and problems. In fact, the existence of the heart is not obligatory, because there are organisms which live without this organ and the circulatory system is represented only by vessels.

With regard to the above assessment, it is clear that the patient may be suffering from a heart- or kidney-related condition. The provider admits Homer to the hospital medical telemetry unit.

What Is Digoxin Lanoxin? As Medscape explains, higher doses of digoxin leads to increase in toxicity as it leads to a significant decrease in renal clearance. According to the case study, the doctor orders for Digoxin 0. This will enable informed decisions with regard to whether the medication should be continued or whether the patient needs to be administered with new forms of drugs.

Your case study will be written from scratch. It is essential for the doctor to ensure that all evidence is collected before the administration of any particular form of medication. It is also important that weakness is one of the signs of a number of cardiovascular diseases including hypertension, COPD, heart arrhythmias among others Siewe, The heart is the big organ made of muscles which work all the time.

Retrieved 3rd Octfrom http: With regard to these, the most appropriate tests and assessments that needs to be taken include a complete blood count on the patient, obtain a basic metabolic panel for the patient, and conduct a chest x-ray image to assess the physical appearance of the chest and an EKG image.

The main organ which makes the blood circulate about the system is the heart. Outline the mechanism of action of the drugs indicated in this patient.

A major consideration is the dosage of digoxin drug as applied to the patient.The Cardiovascular System consisting of heart and blood vessels. In recent mint-body.comvascular disease Heart disease or cardiovascular disease are the class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels (arteries and veins).

Chapter The Cardiovascular System. Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Elaine N. Marieb. STUDY. PLAY. Heart. Case of pericarditis in which excessive quantities of fluid actually hinder the beating of the heart - result in very low cardiac output.

Epicardium. Circulatory System Case Study: Circulatory system is the system of the human organism which maintains the circulation of the human blood about the whole body.

Case Study on Circulatory System

Circulatory system has the function of transportation of the microelements, hormones, vitamins and all the important elements essential for the life of the organism. The Cardiovascular System Organization of the cardiovascular system Major organs of the cardiovascular system The major organs of the cardiovascular system include: heart blood vessels blood spleen The function of the cardiovascular system The cardiovascular system is many times referred to as the "transportation" system.

7 Case Studies of the Human Cardiovascular System the brain, thereby ensuring its survival and functioning. To better understand the physiological aspects of the carotid artery, detailed blood flow patterns from the.

Cardiovascular Case Study Analysis Cardiovascular Case Study Analysis Homer is a 58 year old male Caucasian who farms in the community.

He seeks treatment in the clinic today for complaints of weakness.

Cardiovascular system case studies
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