Difference between scuba diving and freediving essay

All divers were required to do an initial checkout dive in the lagoon, which only reached around 25ft in depth.

Diving Cabo San Lucas & Cabo Pulmo

So if you choose to dive Qiandao Lake, be aware that you will not find any 4-star hotels near the dive sites. This quickly made us realize how quickly the visibility could deteriorate, how easily you could become separated from your guide and how disorienting the conditions could become.

The site presents a unique opportunity for drift dives and high likelihood for encounters with pelagic fish, sharks and more.

There are many nice restaurants along the marina with everything from seafood to steaks to burgers. The drive is about an hour from the airport to Cabo San Lucas, and just over an hour in the other direction to Cabo Pulmo. Since many of the dive sites are in open water, the DMs deploy an SMB during saftey stops so that the panga will be right there upon surfacing.

The Dives Because this is a lake dive, it is important to understand the differences between the conditions encountered here vs. These fish are the star of the show, attracted to the abundant fish life on the underwater bank. Bathrooms and showers are located at the staging area as well.

December — March brings excellent diving.

As with lodging, there are many options in Cabo San Lucas. From Shanghai it is approximately km to the small town of Dashuzhen near the southwestern edge of the lake, taking between hours by car. Aqua waters greet day-trip divers and underwater photographers from CSL and become home for those wanting a multi-day diving retreat.

Dive the Ancient Ruins of Lion City in Qiandao Lake

Many divers flock to Cabo for a chance to see hammerhead sharks in the Corridor or at El Bajo near La Pazwhale sharks in the Sea of Cortez and much more. Info on local dive sites is below: A gorgeously detailed dragon and phoenix in Lion City.

Shi Cheng was also unusual in that it was constructed with 5 city gates and towers, as opposed to the norm of 4. A quick search on a site like Tripadvisor will bring up many options.

Banded guitarfish and rays come up from the depths during the spring while the water is cooler, and divers will always see big schools of fish, sea fans and other life to keep the shutter moving during the gradual ascent along the wall back to the surface.

The name comes from the fact that there are over a thousand islands in the lake. The best dive season is October — November, when the water warms up to tropical temperatures and visibility can rival classic dive destinations.Dive Guide to Cabo San Lucas & Cabo Pulmo for underwater photographers.

Article on diving the lost Ancient Ruins of Lion City at Qiandao Lake in China, with exclusive underwater photography.

Difference between scuba diving and freediving essay
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