Laser light activated alarm

We decide to make a security project as our project. In this circuit, it is operated in astable mode. If once the alarm circuit is on it will still ringing until push the reset button. Thus, the point-to-point laser link cannot, in general, be considered absolutely secure and the possibility of interception must be taken into consideration in the Laser light activated alarm of the link.

I also used an IC socket to attach the IC. Here the speaker used is a buzzer. The major advantage of these is that you can easily cut them to any size and shape that you want.

Flip the switch to connect the buzzer and activate the alarm. This makes it easy to make small adjustments to the position of the photoresistor after it has been mounted in place.

These two resistors form a voltage divider that is used to activate the IC. Positive terminal of the capacitor is connected to the Pin 3 of the timer and negative terminal is connected to the positive terminal of buzzer.

There are a lot of systems that you can connect to. There is two part of the system. There is two option of ringing. You can easily connect to both of these with a pair of alligator clips.

The easiest way to accomplish this is by tightly wrapping a piece of tape around the button. Because the output characteristics of photoresistors varies considerably from one to the next, you need to measure it with a multimeter.

When the light beam is interrupted, the resistance of the photoresistor increases dramatically. The alarm that I am using is a piezo buzzer. Position the mirror at a slight angle so that it reflects the beam in a different direction.

So I used a ohm fixed resistor for R2. Any option can be set by DPDT switch. Circuit can be easily modified to make the police siren instead of a simple alarming sound. But when you move the laser away, the alarm should go off again. This can be operated in three modes. So technology of security should be modern with time to protect the crime works.

By connecting the laser pointer to the larger battery pack you can extend the battery life and you only need to worry about changing one set of batteries.

In the present circuit, two resistors LDR and the 1K ohm resistor are connected in series. Set the switch to connect the buzzer.

Laser Security Systems

Because this system is using one continuous laser, if any of the beams are interrupted, it will cause the alarm to go off. This is wired in series with standard fixed resistor R2. In astable mode, the second pin connected to the sixth pin continuously triggers the circuit.

Now shine the laser pointer on the photoresistor and flip the switch one more time to reactivate it. Without the laser shining on the photoresistor, the alarm should sound.

The circuit mainly depends on the light dependent resistor for varying the sound in the circuit. Inside the speaker there will a permanent magnet and the moving magnet.

Siren is a device that produces loud noise.The laser light activated alarm has three main parts: a) laser, b) mirror, c) light activated alarm. This device has been developed to construct a reliable protection system. The study compares the difference of laser light activated alarm to the other commercial detector.

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Please note that. Output signal: NPN light through output 1; light shielding output 0.

Laser Light Activated Alarm

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Aug 26,  · In this circuit we are going to build a laser security alarm which uses a laser light and a laser light detector circuit. It gets activated when someone crosses it.

Laser light activated alarm
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