Lorax writing activities for 1st grade

What are some ways humans pollute the air? During Instruction Set Up Decide which, if any, of the optional activities you want students to complete during class time or for homework.

Did people need Thneeds? Seuss loved to make up his own words. All the Gluppity-Glupp and all the Schloppity-Schlopp made by the machinery is being dumped into the pond.

I asked questions about the characters, about the animals that made their home in the habitat, and about some of our cause and effect relationships. Make sure to include temporal words. Describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, using key details.

The Lorax - Day One

Discuss what people did before these appliances were invented. I throw the ball to a volunteer. How much money do people need?

As a class, ask students to answer the following questions: The Swomee-Swans were no longer able to sing! The lunch schedules are confusing because you have to go to each […] Pacing!!! I said, "We have been learning about the important parts of the environment and how to take care of it. Is air pollution only dangerous for birds?

There are ideas for discussion and to share about how to care for our environment. Discuss the difference between a want and a need. What are some ways humans can care for the air? Seuss only lets us see parts of the Once-ler his eyes and hands.

Lesson Directions Step 1: Riding a bike or walking to school, recycle, plant a tree, conserve energy, choose natural products, etc. Have students work in groups to illustrate two large murals: All of these activities address standards RL1.

Have students illustrate pictures for each noise listed: Teacher Background Knowledge and Preparation Integrating the Curriculum In the last three lessons leading up to today, we really built a great deal of background knowledge.

You can ask absolutely anything that you want to go back and highlight from the lesson. After that I reread part of the first page again. After reading I turned to slide 22 on the Smartboard lesson. I said, "The event is The Once-ler sees the beautiful Truffula trees. I said, "The event is The Lorax sent the Bar-ba-loots away to find a better habitat.

What is the effect of that? You can get a better understanding of this part of the lesson by watching this: Next I wanted students to form an opinion. I asked, "What happened last?

Ed in Literacy -M. Then we read the question at the bottom of the page.Feb 23,  · 1st Grade with Miss Snowden. The Lorax Writing Craftivity Freebie!!! going to be doing read alouds all week long for my Second Grade Sweeties using Dr.

Seuss books and since the movie THE LORAX will be coming out on Friday, March 2nd (Dr. Seuss's Birthday) I decided to do this little activity with them so be sure and click Author: Chanty.

Celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday on March 2nd with these printable worksheets and activities.

Math. Addition. Algebra (Basic) Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Name The Dr. Seuss Books FREE. Students will need to search for Lorax, Horton, Grinch, Whoville.

Kindergarten to 3rd Grade. See Also. Unit Writing ActivitiesUnit A First Grade Reading Comprehension Unit on "Rude Giants" Lesson 4.

The Lorax Activities, Printables, and Lessons

LESSON 1: How Can You Be An Earth Helper? LESSON 2: Describing and Writing About the Habitat - The Lorax Day mint-body.com4. Cause and Effect With the Once-ler - Independent Practice. Dr.

Seuss Classroom Activities for The Lorax. For Seuss’ upcoming birthday, I rounded-up Lorax classroom or at home activities you can create with your students and children.

Lorax graphing activity from First Grade Garden. Fun fact with the Lorax from Fourth Grade Frolics via Teachers Notebook. First Grade Dr. Seuss. 62 Pins It includes reading and writing activities as well as a science mint-body.com my gr teacher friends!

Dr. Seuss Classroom Activities for The Lorax

cute poem for a thank you to readers Dr Seuss See more. The Lorax writing activity - longer writing though See more. The Lorax Activities, Printables, and Lessons. Share/Bookmark. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. The Lorax Lessons These are enrichment activities to be used when reading the book, The Lorax, by Dr.

Seuss. (Grade 6) mint-body.comnet. Truffula Trees Display.

Lorax writing activities for 1st grade
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