Pcsx2 slow motion problem algebra

From what I got from the emulator documentation and my experiences with another game, it seems to have been a matter of my system overperforrming on the game. Apparently the reason for this is the very same why Star Wars The Old Republic performs poorly on highend PCs and damn sweet on medium PCs - because that game has a tendency to calculate data way too much, as if the game was about to cheerfully say "Oh shiney, I got so much stuff to work with.

Oh and the one over there, yeah! I got it to "almost completely fluent" by then fiddling around a bit, but the big success was actually cycling through the Presets again and choosing Preset 3 and the proper GSD settings as well as limiting my game to 60 FPS via Bandicam and via the Emulators built-in-feature.

It just happened to work for me. Make a single change, run the emulator, decide if its better and repeat find an area that is laggy and make a save state during that laggy time and use that area to benchmark your changes. In any case, I generally recommend running with the latest debug build of PCSX2, since the official versions get bumped maybe once a year.

All it actually took was to use Preset 3 as a basis and then to find the proper settings for the GSD plugin. Oh and that one! Also try older versions of pcsx2, i could never get Onimusha running to my satisfaction on anything other than 1.

Despite having only a "solid" CPU, this one still exceeds the recommended specs for PCSX2 and when i tweaked the settings in accordance to some online tutorials and settings to "copy", my game performed at ridiculous FPS with the FPS-Limiter turned off to even sometimes in menus and fps in matchesyet the matches still were sluggish.

I personally have a separate folder with a unique install of pcsx2 for each and every game because every one requires different settings to run as well as possible, some prefer dx9 some dx11; some dont like to be upscaled or stretched out of their original aspect ratio, some dont like interlacing etc etc etc get a few plugins and experiment, I havent actually tried to run snake eater so I dont really know the specifics but just experiment, most importantly; Do one change at a time.

Its really confusing to make several changes and it runs a little better and then you have to figure out which of the 4 things you changed was the positive one. Its tedious to get it just right. This can be fixed with Bandicams built-in FPS-Limiter and when i used bandicam earlier to record the video above, I tested out if - with an unlimited Emulator FPS and a limited-via-Bandicam general FPS I would get any performance boost by limiting it to for example 70 - and indeed I did.

This is another potential fix and may not work for all fps drops. The result is a completely wonderful gameplay now both in the menus no more sound speedups due to the emulators FPS thingy and in the matches due to Bandicams FPS limiter and no longer over-stressing the poor game.

I know that MGS are some of the more heavy to emulate titles out there, and I recall there were a lot of issues getting them running in the first place. The menus would be fine.

High FPS but runs in slow motion

That led me to the assumption that once again a game cannot keep up with the hardware being used for it. Problem solved - and thanks again, your contribution regarding the FPS Limiter sparked some ideas.PCSX2 running in slow-motion (mint-body.comion) submitted 3 years ago by JoeK software is better than hardware but still slow.

Specs: i5 k, XFX Radeon R9 X, 8GB ram, GB SSD. I don't suppose my hardware is insufficient to run the game here.


so I looked the problem up a little. There are some issues when emulating the game. Feb 17,  · The FPS are between 35 and 40, but is running in slow motion. No matter if I put the graphics settings to LOW or MAX, the game is running in exactly the same way (Just better picture in MAX).

So I don't think is a hardware problem. Sep 17,  · learn how to fix problem with slow motion in PCSX2 emulator for ps2 easy! dont forget Subscribe, comment, like:p download DirectX mint-body.comire.

PCSX2 running really slow. Please help

PCSX2 running really slow. Please help. dy Jul 11,and the games are pretty much unplayable because of all the slow motion stuttering. So far I've tried splinter cell, and. Mar 12,  · High FPS but runs in slow motion. Discussion in 'PCSX2 Forum' started by JinkyBhoy, Mar 11, JinkyBhoy New Member.

If not with the slow motion problem then maybe with the GSdx9 crashing or the mint-body.com not working. I appreciate any. Mar 10,  · The games run slow what can i do?

pcsx2 keeps going in slow motion.

Ive tried the speed hack thingy with no diffrence, i got a Amd dual-core 3ghz and 2gig ram and inbuilt Ati Radeon x with .

Pcsx2 slow motion problem algebra
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