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Both sought to eliminate the ritual practices that were considered magical or superstitious, in addition to the localised cults: This resulted in a solidification of the dualistic worldview that is now inherent in Christianity.

The process of change must also be assessed, in relation to the Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation. Lay ritual practice was derived from a concern with the current existence; with acquiring security and protection within this life rather than the afterlife.

Furthermore, the Protestant movement openly attacked magical practices amongst the laity. Evidently, the Reformation had a profound effect upon the religiosity of the masses. Edward Muir notes that the experience of the Eucharist was derived from the priest elevating the host above his head, rather than its ingestion, which occurred infrequently.

However, it must be noted that these practices were primarily those of the masses, rather than the elite classes. Pius IV and V produced missals which sought return official and lay practice to that of the Roman liturgy in the 11th century.

The Reformation can be seen to have had a revolutionary effect upon the ritual practices and conceptualisation of magic amongst the laity. Furthermore, there exists growing evidence that the people did not want the Reformation.

The Reformation and subsequent Catholic Counter-Reformation can be seen to be a turning point in ritual practices and the conceptualisation of magic within the lower to middle classes. The cymbal would be struck three times in imitation of ringing the Church bell three times, after the safe birth of a child, signalling the requirement to say an Ave Maria in thanks.

The most common assessment of this revolution is concerned with the religiosity of the middle to upper classes and the religious elite. Europe and England in the 16th Century, Routledge, London. In relation to lay ritual practice, the Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation had similar goals and effects.

Furthermore, the way in which the Reformation placed magic as binarily opposed to Christianity has prime historical importance. This approach seeks to explore the religiosity of the masses, rather than the social elite. The Eucharist, which had previously been considered as the moment in which the divine entered into the profane world, was reduced into a representation of Christ.

Thus, many events, such as fertility, birth and the weather were seen to be supernatural in basis. A Catholic contemporary advises: Previously, the distinction between the sacred and the profane, magic and religion, was blurred and ambiguous. Ritual acted as the prime communicator of religiosity in a population that was largely illiterate and theologically ignorant, whilst being highly pious.

This was performed through placing a definite distinction between the divine and humanity: Furthermore, this approach assumes a negative assessment of late medieval religion, while accepting that the people wanted the Reformation.

It can be seen to have been one of the direct causes of the witch hunts. The Reformation denied the human ability to interact with the divine and direct divine power.

In removing the techniques by which a people acted as religious agents and sought to control their existence, the Reformation disenfranchised the laity of their religiosity.Oct 03,  · The process of change must also be assessed, in relation to the Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation.

Finally, an assessment of the changes must be undertaken, with particular emphasis of the demonisation of magical practices, which can be seen to have been a direct cause of the witch hunts.

Essay on Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. Roman Catholic Church, brought about by the Protestant Reformation, changed the way people felt about the church and its importance in their life.

Then, because the church was not so dominating, people felt free to learn about new lands. During this time, technology became more advanced. Martin Luther Reformation Essays: OverMartin Luther Reformation Essays, Martin Luther Reformation Term Papers, Martin Luther Reformation Research Paper, Book Reports.

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Words 8 Pages. Before the reformation the only church that existed was the Roman Catholic Church.

Martin Luther Reformation

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Reformation processes essay
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