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Richard Best performed the second section as a solo. With three world premieres, excitement saturated the Wyly Theatre and bled onto the stage as dancers embraced this challenge and opportunity. While not always pleasing, this Spring Series is important, often overthrowing tradition for something far more challenging, artistic and memorable.

Eight dances choreographed by seven women equally straddled a fifteen-minute intermission. Set in an urban environment, Surface brings six young black men together in a thunderous storm, their faces hidden under hooded coats. The background changes from skyscrapers to subway platforms to grim, graffiti-strewn warehouses while the action is for the most part of three kinds: Lighting for dance is especially tricky as the goal is to provide light sources from many angles to capture the three-dimensionality of the human form.

In between bursts of inspiration, the women sat upright; waiting and listening. Their dedication to the tension of every muscle in stillness was perhaps the most impressive element within the piece.


He hopped and slithered as if evoking the birth of masculinity and male dominance. Prevalence of a Ritual. A twangy soundtrack led two dancers in a casual slow dance. The remaining sections harnessed the energy from this duet and ended as a more connected unit.

The pounding, percussive beat of the music propelled the dancers until silence hit the theater and they proceeded in unison through a pattern of snaps and breath cues. They never stop challenging, growing and changing, while retaining a heavenly air of flawless grace. Their duet finally recognized the intimacy the piece craved, while showcasing their spectacular technical abilities.

Douthit-Boyd certainly gets plenty of opportunity to strut and ricochet about with split leaps. We get the injured man left to suffer on his own, the tough stance, the massing together, but the rest is vague.

Two other couples swayed into the space, with every woman covering the eyes of her partner. As he descends, she leaps onto the rope and hangs there suspended, body outstretched.

Quirky details like a heel wobble with hangman arms reappeared, just to be quickly dismissed by swirling turns and controlled falls. Those long, suspended and stretched-out bodies perfectly capture everything that is beautiful about Echo and Narcissus, and everything that is unfulfilled.

The program ended with another jazzy piece, Bridget L. She skirts the stage, whipping those ruffles, coming to a halt and then turning in arabesque, every moment delineated. Beautiful and touching, Angelitos Negros was given its full weight by a sinuous Omoniyi Obioha, who makes a slow, stately entrance in long white dress edged with red ruffles.

A lot goes on in these six sections and some images will linger long: The movements were simple: Action-packed, Spring Celebration filled the evening with dynamic performances and captivating choreographic choices.

It is a pleasure to watch a dancer in all her physicality and Mr. Three horizontal lines of dancers in white tops and red bottoms cast a new, electric energy across the stage. A spotlight fell on three men in black pants covering their mouths with one hand before diving into a progression of fast-paced turns, falls, and undulations—all while remaining inside the circle of light.

For Romare Bearden Throughout these first two sections, I was left wanting more—more dedication from the performers, more togetherness in unison sections, and more cohesion amongst the cast.

More information at HubbardStreetDance.Jul 18,  · Mr. Skybell is Tevye in the National Yiddish Theater Folksbiene production. Credit Sara Krulwich/The New York Times Yiddish, of course, is the language Tevye and his neighbors would have spoken in Anatevka, a fictional shtetl modeled on real ones near Kiev in what is now Jesse Green.

In its Spring Dance Concert, the USF Dance Department continues to outdo itself in the skill and artistry of its performances. Theater Visual Art Words Review: USF Spring Dance Concert.

Mar 17,  · Hubbard Street Dance Chicago at the Harris Theatre with "Spring Series," a pep talk for March. 3 stars Arts & Entertainment Theater Loop Dance Review: Hubbard's 'Spring Series' dances to the end.

May 21,  · Spring Awakened - Dallas Black Dance Theatre closes its season with a strong Spring Celebration, featuring guests Dark Circles Contemporary Emily Sese.

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REVIEW: University of Nevada, Reno Department of Theater and Dance’s Spring Dance Concert

Spring Lake Theatre Company is known for producing Broadway-quality performances with Jump to. Sections of this page. Spring Lake Theatre is the absolute perfect place for your child to dance and perform/5().

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Review of spring dance theater
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