Service quality and relationship in airline industry

Looking at the peaks and valleys, we can see that the changes in average fares follow changes in quality. Headley, provide such a report. Again, the trendline shows that profit increases along with quality. This third graph, quality and total yearly passengers, is my favorite.

We can see empirically that consumers will rationally gravitate towards airlines that provide them better service, so it is in the interest of those airlines to provide the best quality experience possible to their passengers.

Service Quality and Customer Loyalty in the Commercial Airline Industry

This subject is also of general interest. But air travel has been an unpleasant necessity for as long as I can remember, and that ought to be enough time for someone to come around and start a better airline.

Trying not to be a dilettante. The data used to compile this report comes from the U. The light blue line on the graph is a linear trendline which shows that as quality increases so too does revenue.

American Journal of Tourism Research

Right now, percent change of total yearly passengers is decreasing, but the quality has bottomed out. This may indicate that Southwest is able to command a higher price as they up their service. Measuring Quality There are many sources that rank airlines based on subjective user reports of their experiences, but for the sake of empirical rigor I want to use a rating of airline quality based only on objective metrics.

So we can probably expect total yearly passengers to being to increase soon based upon historical trends and the current trend in quality. It looks like, from the time that quality peaks, total passengers will peak one to two years later. Airlines like Spirit are betting that customers respond more to low prices than to good service, while airlines like Virgin are operating under the reverse premise, so the question of the importance of quality is key when trying to evaluate their theses.

We now see that, even in an industry with high barriers to entry and where poor service is almost to be expected, this principle at the foundation of our economic system continues to hold true. A precept popular with startup incubators, especially those which follow the Lean Startup methodology, is that the company with a higher quality product will always win out.

To do this, I needed an empirical way to measure quality in various industries. This data comes from through because ten years is a nice, solid number and, more importantly, because I only had income statement data going back that many years.

This is an interesting result because it shows that even as costs increase due to better service, revenue gains will outstrip expenses and profit will increase along with quality.Research into airline service quality has increased rapidly since its relationship with passenger satisfaction has been established.

(Heskett et al,). According to Clifford et al (), in the pre deregulation era, airline service quality was assessed with respect to industry and managerial variables such as flight frequency, load factors.

In today’s globalised and competitive environment, quality service has become one of the important sources of competitive advantage, especially in the service-based industry.

The Relationship Between Quality and Revenue in the Airline Industry

(Hersh, ) Delivering high qualification of service would be profitable for service organisation, although it is. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND LOYALTY: A STUDY OF INTERRELATIONSHIPS AND EFFECTS IN NIGERIAN DOMESTIC AIRLINE INDUSTRY initiatives which increase short-term sales instead of focusing on long-term quality relationships between the airline operators and air travellers (Bejou and Palmer, ).

service quality of domestic airline. 1 Satisfaction with airline service quality: Familiarity breeds contempt Abstract The objective of this study is to investigate frequency-of-flight issues and the differences. Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in the Airline Industry: A Comparison between Legacy Airlines and Low-Cost Airlines.

The aim of this study is to assess service quality in the airline industry from the customer's perspective, explore how perceived service quality affects customer satisfaction and loyalty-related.

Service quality and relationship in airline industry
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