The action of enzymes essay

After all of the trials were completed, the results were plotted on a same piece of graph paper.

Essay on Enzymes: Definition, Properties and Factors

The rate of reaction will be low. As of this high temperatures reduce enzyme activity. After the potato and the phosphate buffer were blended, the solution was then strained into a test-tube through two layers of cheesecloth in a funnel.

They have the high potency.

Action of an Enzyme Essay Sample

Thus, the initial rate was found in the slope of the straight line. These are done at low temperature. The prosthetic groups coenyzmes are readily detached.

The kinetic energy of the enzyme exceeds the energy barrier for breaking the weak hydrogen and hydrophobic bonds that maintain its secondary-tertiary structure. An error could have been made with finding the required amount of enzyme to use.

It is seen that at low substrate concentration up to Y in the Fig. As the enzymes are proteins they will break down at high temperatures as the molecules start to vibrate and they could eventually lose their shape. But when only oxaloacetate is present then another specific enzyme i. Thus, it was shown that significance of each temperature effect was very important; because it increased the reaction of polyphenoloxidase, decreased the reaction, or denatured the enzyme.

In case the concentration of substrate is low in comparison to the concentration of enzyme, not all the active groups of the enzyme molecule will be utilized for the formation of enzyme-substrate complex.

Catalase is an enzyme and is the fastest enzyme known. Glutama tepyruvate transaminase, aspartate amino transferase. This is their optimum temperature. The body temperature is at 37C which body enzymes work at best. Synthesis of folic acid is thus completely prevented. The second trial involved the combination of: The procedure involved the preparation of the enzyme as described before.

The difference between these two points will be the recorded height of the bubbles of oxygen which later will be analyzed to shown the effect of temperature on the activity of Catalase.

Choline acetyl transferase, acetoacetate transacetylase, amino acid transacetylase: In another test-tube the solutions that were mixed included: Many enzymes are conjugated proteins. A very interesting instrument was used and it was called the Spec. Succinate dehydrogenase while acts on succinic acid will produce only fumaric acid and not malic acid which is an isomer of it: At optimum temperature the Enzymes react quicker.Computer Enzyme Action: Testing Catalase Activity 6A H2O2 is toxic to most living organisms.

Many organisms are capable of enzymatically destroying the H2O2 before it can do much damage. The Action of an Enzyme Essay - The Action of an Enzyme Introduction The breakdown of wastes in liver cells produces hydrogen peroxide which is poisonous.

This must be removed if the cell is to remain unharmed. A Quantitative Enzyme Study: CATALASE FlowChart Purpose: Measure the rate of enzyme activity in different conditions Procedure: A.

Extraction of Catalase 1. Peel potato 2. Peel potato 2. Cut into cubes 3. Abstract The enzyme that is responsible for the darkening of cut surfaces of fruits, vegetables and plants are called polyphenoloxidase.

These enzymes, like all. Enzymes Essay. By Lauren Bradshaw. November 16, Example Essays. Abstract. Action of an Enzyme Essay Sample.

Problem: What effect will a change in temperature of hydrogen peroxide (C) have on the activity of the enzyme Catalase in potatoes measured by the height of the bubbles created by the reaction in a test tube? Hypothesis: All enzymes either breakdowns substances and\or they put substances together.

Enzymes break down substrates by using the lock and key theory. The lock and key theory is a simple way of describing how specific an enzyme is for a substrate. Just like a lock requires a specifically shaped key for it work so does an enzyme.

The action of enzymes essay
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