The day the machines went off

When people are without the means to take care of their families they resort to doing things that could jeopardize their family structure. The employment level would fall drastically as most of the financial activities would come to a halt.

The packaging of food products will get smaller due to the fact that many people will have limited funds to shop with, if any at all. If there were no functioning central banking I do not see a lot of the smaller local banks surviving.

This will cause a large issue due to many people either receive paper checks or utilize direct deposit to receive their paychecks either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

By putting the agreement in writing both parties are able to negotiate the terms so that they are both comfortable with the agreement before any goods or services are exchanged.

Based on what I have researched Machines hypothetically take a day off would not be a good thing for the economy. The banking system and Fed can take several emergency steps in order to resume the economy and to reduce the loss amount to its minimum by introducing another source of hard money so that people would have something in their hands to spend.

Central banks increased their purchases of gold to How would people be able to pay their bills, whether it be by writing a check, electronic The day the machines went off payments, swiping their debit cards, western union or money gram bill payments or by cash payment?

His male colleague also wants the woman for himself so their rivalry becomes an important part of the story.

This would also create the issue of more criminals in the world too. Another concern would be how people would be able to account for money they have saved or invested and how would people be able to care for their families when their money is trapped within the banking institutional system.

People would not be able to find any work accept simple labor jobs but they would also be suffering in the form of non-payment of wages.

Anyone working in check cashing stores would be unemployed as well. It would have a drastic impact over the economy of the country because of the changes in the economic transactions frequency. This paper goes through the idea of what would happen in present society and the economy if the machines took a day off.

In reality the people who farm and raise cattle would be better off than individuals who have lived in large cities all their lives.

Many people think that farming and raising cattle are occupations for people with in the south and were given basic or limited education.

The Day The Machines Stopped

But, still in all the prospect of growing food is very limited even on Long Island. With this issue of the rise in crime will case an overcrowding if the judicial system.

The Day the Machines Went off

In regards to the usage of paper currency. Without these two institutions up and working society would have to depend on paper currency that they have on hand and bartering to provide for themselves and their families.

Some people have no clue on how to grow vegetables and are not willing to convert to a meat free diet to reduce the amount of monies that they would need to provide for themselves or their families.

With the unemployment and homeless rates rising the crime rate will reach an all-time high as well. Many families would go hungry if neither of the parents or head of households knows how to grow the food that they would need to feed their families.

Families with a history in agriculture will have an easier time caring for themselves since they make their living growing crops and raising animals to supply food products.

If the financial institution were to breakdown the price of a gallon of milk might double or triple. In larger cities like New York, the city has a multitude of apartment complexes throughout the five boroughs and the reason for all of the high-rises and apartment complexes are to maximize the amount of people in a small area at one time, which is why the access to land to grow crops or raise animals is extremely limited.

The Day the Machines Went off Essay

This would not be much of an issue in bigger cities due to people in larger cities do not have as much if any land to grow crops or raise animals on. Although I enjoyed the book, my reason for only giving 4 stars is the way that the hero and his colleagues react to this situation, as it seems slightly unrealistic and feels dated.

The prices for a variety of goods used on a daily basis will rise. Families would also be subject to possible breakdown as well. The demand for paper money would increase too much as people do not have access to banking facilities including non-withdrawal of cash through ATMs.

There are some people who are so dependent on electronic devices that they would more or less be in a boat with no paddle. The Federal Reserve takes old bills and destroys them after a while. If that were to happen then select people would have an abundance of ready cash while others who are not as well off are left with very little if any ready cash.

When the interest rates go up mortgage payments will be higher and the demand for expensive properties will go down.

The unemployment rate would skyrocket due to the halt of the banking industry. How would people buy basic everyday items they would need to survive?

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Imagine the multitude of people who would be without jobs. Overlaid onto this backdrop is a kind of love story between the hero and his female colleague. A Troy based company provides its services to over 2, companies in Michigan and Ohio. Other investment drivers for investing in gold are hedging against inflation, low real interest rates, a currency alternative and protection during times of Geo-Political turmoil.

In conclusion if there were an instance were all electronic devices were to cease working and society had no alternative but to revert to using paper currency many people would be hard pressed to find ways to care for their families and find ways to continue to do business on a day to day basis.The Day The Machines Went Off - part 2 on - Economics, Essay - Nursepen, ID - Studybay uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

By continuing to use Studybay you accept our use of cookies view more on our Cookie Policy. The Day the Machines Went off In your introduction, briefly describe the plot of a disaster movie in which an electromagnetic pulse causes the The Day the Machines Went off In your introduction, briefly describe the plot of a disaster movie in which an electromagnetic pulse causes the shutdown of all electronic equipment and financial activity to grind to a halt.

The Day the Machines Went off ECO Financial Institutions & Markets (CKKA) Imagine there was a huge electrical storm and all electronic devices stopped working and society had no clue what happened to all of the electronic devices to cease working, what caused the storm, why only electronic devices were effected, how much damage the storm caused, how long will it take to correct the.

May 14,  · The Day the Machines Went off In your introduction, briefly describe the plot of a disaster movie in which an electromagnetic pulse causes the shutdown of all electronic equipment and financial activity to grind to a halt.

Then, using what you have learned during the course, from the text readings, and from scholarly sources, forecast. I know that many businesses do keep hard copies of the transactions that they conduct, but, they would be hard pressed to keep up with their day to day business without the usage of any electronic devices to track and store their transactions at the end of each day.

The Day The Machines Went Off I need assistance finalizing the last portion of my paper 1. Speculate what emergency measures might be enacted to keep the economy running in .

The day the machines went off
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