The pros and cons of gun control and the statistics of gun damage in crimes

Has this resulted in the lowering of gun crime? There are certain people who should never have access to guns because they can cause mass casualties by merely holding a gun.

According to gun control proponents, countries with very restrictive gun control laws do not have as many homicide rates as countries that do not have these laws.

Some of the countries with the strictest gun control laws, such as Mexico, have the highest levels of crime. Should civilian possession of handguns and other non-hunting guns be banned or severely restricted? Understanding Gun Control According to a Small Arms Survey poll, there are 88 guns for every people in the United States, an alarming figure for a first world country, when the corresponding figure is 6 per individuals in the United Kingdom.

According to the National Rifle Association NRA25 states have adopted "your home is your castle" laws that give homeowners the liberty to shoot people on their property without the fear of prosecution, and only 10 states severely restrict or prohibit the carrying of firearms in public.

The government is trying to obtain too much power over the personal choices of citizens. The Pros of Gun Control 1. Anyone reading this statement can understand the import of this finding.

This right which can be found in the Second Amendment of the U. There have been high numbers of deaths involving fire arms in the United States, and people are beginning to take a stand against the violence and look for ways to solve the problems. However, the problem may be the guns themselves and their proliferation in the American way of life.

If gun use is restricted, then criminals and murderers will just use different weapons, such as knives. Some amateur militia groups within the USA, who are answerable to no one, are actually more potentially dangerous than foreign powers.

When tension mounts, it will eventually erupt in the most unpleasant of ways. Restrictive gun control laws reduce homicide rates in the country: Meanwhile, over million Americans have exercised their right to legally own and carry a firearm.

Do you agree with these arguments? Gun control issues In this article we shall be taking a look at the major advantages and disadvantages of gun control. Violent crime goes down when more people legally carry guns:Gun Control Pros and Cons: 3 Points on Both Sides of Debate.

Gun Control Pros And Cons List

No guns sign against the sky. (dreamstime) Pro-gun control advocates believe tougher gun laws could have potentially prevented these crimes. 2. Gun control laws protect children and families: Moms Demand Action, a grassroots group founded in response to the tragedy at. Gun Control Pros And Cons List.

OccupyTheory. on 18 December, at Cons of Gun Control. 1. Failure to Increase Regulation Increase Violent Crimes Statistics show that violent crime tends to decline in a society where citizens are able to legally own and carry guns.

Pros and Cons of Gun Control Laws in the US

Starting at the beginning of the ’s, more and more. 9 Principal Pros and Cons of Gun Control navajocodetalkersadmin on August 17, - pm in Pros and Cons One of the most heated and debated issues in today’s world is that of gun control. The first reason I don’t think that gun control will prevent crimes is because if people won’t have guns to defend themselves with, criminals will use that to their advantage and commit them more often because they don’t think anyone would be able to stop them.

What are the pros and cons of gun control? Update Cancel. Pros: A lot less mass shooting, reduced crime, and makes it harder for criminals to get guns to commit crimes. There will be a lot less gun accidents, murders, and suicide. You can't have these without guns, right?

Why are gun control statistics so deceptive? Dec 16,  · Gun Control Advantages and Disadvantages. Updated on December 16, myvenn. more. In doing that, we are basically taking a look at the pros and cons of gun control.

Criminals will still commit violent crimes whether tighter gun control laws exist or not. A good example in support of this statement is the case of Mexico Reviews:

The pros and cons of gun control and the statistics of gun damage in crimes
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