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What do I hope to accomplish in this class and why? I tell the students to start by saying: What do I hope to accomplish this semester? I always begin by telling some "strange" things about myself. How would I feel if I dropped this class or out of school altogether?

This may seem a little primary, but sixth graders are at the point where they tend to be very insecure about anything that makes them different.

Grade 6: Letter Writing to Future Self Lesson Plan

However, it is important. I want students to use precise words and sensory language W. We quickly read the website. Letter writing is important to support the other disciplines. However, please also realize that while you may feel this way, I believe you came to OKCCC to achieve great things, and one of my most important personal missions is to assist you in reaching your goals of doing well in school and in this class.

In history, students need to read and comprehend historical letters.

Reflective Writing: A Letter to my Junior Self

Then, tell them to keep those brainstormed write a letter to yourself lesson in their folders or with them tonight as they have an assignment which uses those brainstorming ideas.

Instead, each student will seal their letter with tape and will take it home to be opened at the beginning of their junior year. Why am I taking this class?

In business, students write a variety of letters. Then, please proofread, sign it, and stick it in an envelope. Dear Me, or Dear insert your name hereThen, I ask them to describe themselves in detail: Take up the letters at the beginning of the next class period, and grade for completion.

I usually ask that they write at least a page. When students say the Pledge of Allegiance, she breaks out in stars and stripes.

You may choose to bring extra envelops and stamps if you feel your students can not afford them or might forget them. I share some of my quirks and often, students will share as well. This is a great time for us to begin listening to each other and respecting the opinions of others.

They must use narrative techniques such as reflection and description W. Why am I in school? Posted Thu Jan 13 This is a good way to remind them what letters look like. It should be a snapshot of exactly who they are at the moment.

I feel like this activity helps set a positive tone for the year and begins to create the climate of collaboration and teamwork in my classroom. She begins to be so easily swayed by what others think that she starts to change at the drop of a hat.

I tell them that our class is a safe place where you can be yourself without anyone making fun of you or telling you that you are weird. First ask students to take out a sheet of paper. Letter to my Junior Self tips and hints for not giving a grade Closure 5 minutes As students finish their letter, I ask them to come to my desk, show it to me and then fold it and staple or tape it shut.Then, please proofread, sign it, and stick it in an envelope.

DO NOT SEAL THE LETTER! On the outside of the envelope please write your address as though you may want to send the letter to yourself in the future.

Do not seal the envelope as I want to be able to read it so that I may assist you in reaching your goals any way possible. In addition, to being part of the time capsule, this letter is the first writing sample I see. It helps me gauge their writing style and ability. I plan on beginning the year with narrative writing, and this letter gives me an idea of where to begin.

This lesson plan was actually done with 6th graders. Surprisingly, the students really enjoyed getting the chance to take ownership of their learning (in the mini activity done in the beginning of the lesson plan), and the letter writing to their future selves (5 years from now) went really smoothly.4/5(10).

This lesson plan is easy and the students love it. The first day of school is tough and this gets the students talking, sharing and writing. Provide the students with neat stationary, an envelope, pens and stickers.

Explain to the students that they will be writing a letter to themselves and they will open it in June, on the last day of school.

Nov 10,  · Where do you see yourself in 5 years, and what do you think you will be doing? Have your child compose the letter as if he is writing to himself in 5 years. He can add a little something extra by embellishing the letter with pictures or sketches, or simply adding these extras into the envelope.

Have him read over the letter/5(36). Letter to Self – Activity By Katie Gould, PBS NewsHour Extra Teacher Resource Producer Introduction In this very personal activity, students have the chance to write a letter to themselves to open.

Write a letter to yourself lesson
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